Event Catering

Event Catering


"Alan catered for me a thoughtfully put together menu, totally delicious, for a very special 70th birthday celebration. The food, service, and presentation was second to none, he made the party complete! I cannot recommend him highly enough."
Clare Binns, Joint Managing Director, Picturehouse Cinemas


"We had the pleasure of working with Alan and his team for my 50th Birthday Celebrations which I had in my garden. Having left if rather late to make catering arrangements, a friend recommended Alan. Having made contact, he was quick to respond and within days we sat together to talk through the theme, the size of the party, the food and the drinks. We settled on a Spanish / North African menu."

"In discussing the details it was clear that Alan had a broad knowledge of food in general and particularly of Spanish and North African cuisine. We talked through the nibbles, the salads, the meats and the vegetables and he was focussed on managing the balance between quality, quality, variety and cost."

"We agreed with Alan that he would also manage project to include the additional such as furniture, the cutlery etc. This went seamlessly."

"On the day, the chef team arrived at the agreed time, set and were highly efficient in executing the preparation. Closer to the party kick off the serving team arrived. All of the team took great effort to ask questions, they were polite and most importantly professional."

"The food turned out exactly as planned and desired. Many of the party attendees were equally impressed with team and all agreed that their presence added to what turned out to be a great day."

"I would be happy to recommend Alan and his team in the future."

Martin Reynolds


"We got married 2 years ago, and people are still talking about the food at our wedding."

"Alan was the best possible fit for us. Not only was he efficient, deeply reliable and able to deliver excellent food, but he took our brief fantastically, gave us creative and interesting ideas back and crafted the perfect meal to suit us and our plans."

"The food looked and tasted fantastic. It made an impression on people that helped take them into the atmosphere we wanted our wedding to have, and that’s because he understood so quickly what we were after and knew how to deliver it. And because he understood our ideas so well, we were able to leave him to build the vision - which was vital when there was so much else for us to focus on."

"I really couldn’t recommend Alan highly enough. Perfection shouldn’t come in degrees, but he really made the perfect day even more perfect."

Martin Tunstall

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